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Zaragoza has a rich historical and monumental patrimony, some of the most outstanding monuments are:
Basílica del Pilar: It is one of the most important shrines of the Catholic world, to which thousands of pilgrims come annually. It is also an artistic center that brings great value and Works from different periods.

La Seo or Cathedral of San Salvador: EsThe first Christian Cathedral of Zaragoza, built under the dedication of San Salvador, stands on the same space that before had occupied the Roman temple of the forum, the Visigoth church and the Greater Muslim mosque

Palace of the Aljafería: One of the most important monuments of the architecture Hispanic - Muslim  of the century XI.

The most visited museums are: Pablo Gargallo, Zaragoza Museum, Museo Camon Aznar, ...

Also note The Primo de Rivera Park opened by Miguel Primo de Rivera where you can enjoy different spaces such as the Botanical Garden, Goya's Corner, ...

Pilar Day (October 12) will hold a spectacular parade of giants with large heads, and a floral offering is given to the Virgin. The jota is danced everywhere during the festivities of the local patron saint, the Virgen del Pilar.

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